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James spent the early part of his career in the technology field building applications and providing training to end users both via eLearning and in person. Later, as an executive, he led numerous projects and presented project updates to large groups. 

This experience has taught James to be able to deliver effective in-person and eLearning narrations and trainings, and applies that experience to his voice over services.

He has a passion for ensuring that his customers are satisfied with the end result and that they feel supported along the way.

A unique approach

James approaches each project as a distinct effort, ensuring to identify and highlight its unique characteristics. He will listen to your requirements and do all he can to create an end result that is a high quality and effective tool for your company or product.

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A quality Product

A warm and sincere baritone, the voice of James Kemmler is ideally suited for voice over services in numerous categories, particularly for corporate narration, eLearning, interactive voice response (IVR) and message-on-hold applications.

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